Middle Creek Wildlife Reserve

Arrival of the Birds Snow Geese stops at Middle Creek Wildlife area in Lancaster and Lebanon counties during their spring migration to colder areas in Canada. We went on March 10, 2018.  There was an estimation of 23,000 birds there that day. All of them were huddled around the middle creek wildlife reserve area. During the time I was there, they flew in flocks of … Continue reading Middle Creek Wildlife Reserve

Congee Village – Flushing Grand Opening

Congee Village Restaurant just opened in Flushing today! With their two other Congee Village restaurants on Bowery and Allen St, this will be their third restaurant. At 11:30AM, crowds gathered outside for their grand opening speech outside. Guests were already seated inside, waiting for the ceremonial lion dance to bless the restaurant with good fortune. Dishes were laid out in a buffet style for guests … Continue reading Congee Village – Flushing Grand Opening

Pixacao in NYC Gallery with Cripta Djan

Cripta Djan Ivson, is the artist who created the graffiti paintings that are hung at this gallery on 88 eldridge st in the LES. Guests arrived to see his artistic pieces as they had hors d’oeuvres from a team of great people provided by Purity. The food was great and the atmosphere was lively. Throughout the evening, Joao, Djan’s translator talked about each piece of … Continue reading Pixacao in NYC Gallery with Cripta Djan

TPS Annual Date Auction – Paws For Love 6.20.2015

The heart of East Village lies a venue called DROM, which hosted this Paws for Love event. This Annual Date Auction is donating all its proceeds to Paws For Love, a charity for bringing fair and humane treatment of all animals. This annual date auctions hosts a number of auctionees who will be auctioned off to  date with the winner!  This night was vibrant with wonderful … Continue reading TPS Annual Date Auction – Paws For Love 6.20.2015

Brews, Bites and Wines Charity Tasting Event

The Promise Society March 28, 2015 This event was held at the Foley Gallery in LES and over 100 attendees came to taste the best desserts and wine from the local shops nearby! It was made possible by these vendors: Kulu Desserts, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Tasty Theater, Grand Hyatt, Mei Chi Liquor, ROYCE’s Chocolate, Talib Sweets, Bronx Brewery, Bruce’s Ginger Ale, Singha Beer, Six Point … Continue reading Brews, Bites and Wines Charity Tasting Event

Beat the Common Cold in One Easy Step

Beating the Common Cold in ONE easy step This morning I got out of bed and started to have a runny nose that dripped like a waterfall. But I didn’t really start to feel like crap until I got to the office for work. I felt the sudden change in my body, the sickness became more intensified. My dripping waterfall was now accompanied by 100mph sneezes, … Continue reading Beat the Common Cold in One Easy Step