Beat the Common Cold in One Easy Step

Beating the Common Cold in ONE easy step

This morning I got out of bed and started to have a runny nose that dripped like a waterfall.

But I didn’t really start to feel like crap until I got to the office for work. I felt the sudden change in my body, the sickness became more intensified. My dripping waterfall was now accompanied by 100mph sneezes, my nose started to hurt from the abrasion of the tissues, and I was feeling VERY lethargic. My head started to hurt and all I wanted to do was roll under the desk and take a nap. I could not function at all.

After an hour of trying to keep my eyes open, I decided to go get a hot tea. Maybe that would do the trick. At the cafe, I looked through a variety of tea packets and chose one I’ve never tried.

I came back with a hot Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea. It felt very nice to have something warm in my body on a cold snowy day.

After drinking 3/4 of the medium sized cup, I began to feel way better. My lethargy was gone, my waterfall of boogers ran dry, and there were no more 100mph sneezes. I felt good as new again.

Drinking hot liquids when you have a cold warms your body back to it’s optimal state of temperature to help fight off the infections. Chamomile may also have properties that help fight colds and menstrual cramps. A small study funded by Oxford Natural Products found that drinking chamomile tea resulted in higher levels of hippurate, a breakdown of product of tea flavonoids, has been linked to antibacterial activity.

I think picking chamomile tea at the cafe was a good choice.

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